Religious Sites

An inscription at the Armenian Apostolic Church announces its period of construction by Armenian refugees, stating the year of 1834. In 2001 it was renovated and a new bell tower was built. Marble gravestones of Armenian leaders and donators from 18th and 19th c. can be seen in the church courtyard. Lajos Kossuth and his followers spent the Christmas of 1849 there. Next to the church is the Armenian cultural center.

Zlatitza 15 Street, Shumen
Tel: +359 (0)899 151 889
Opening hours: Upon request

Catholic Monastery “St. Benedict” is 10 km from Shumen, and is the only operating Catholic monastery in North-East Bulgaria. It was established in 1924 by four German Sisters of St. Benedict. It is famous for its healing ointment used for skin burns. 

2 Prof. I. Ivanov Street, Village of Tzarevbrod
Tel: +359 (5315) 20 89

St. St. Peter and Pavel Monastery is situated in the locality “The Monasteries” between the villages of Ivanski and Zlatar, 20 km south of the city of Shumen. It was constructed on the site of an old monastery which existed in Roman times. It was destroyed in the 14th c. when the Ottomans invaded the Balkan Peninsula. The construction of the new Zlatarevsky Monastery began in 1937.  Tel: +359 (0)888 967 095

The Church of the Holy Ascension was built up about six centuries ago. A couple of times it’s been demolished and then entirely reconstructed. The current structure dates back to the year of 1829. Valuable books, a gold sewn shroud with pearls made in Venice in 1776, are kept in the church. The icon of St. St. Cyril and Methodius – а gift from Gen. Belokopitov on the occasion of the Liberation of Shumen on July 18th 1878, is also kept in there.
48 Otetz Paisiy Street, Shumen
Tel: +359 (54) 802 100
07:30 – 19:30

Saint Prophet Iliya Church is a three-nave ashlar stone basilica built in 1846. Visitors can see icons of Nikola Vasilev and Hristo Bedechev.

Kiliyno Uchilishte Streest, Divdyadovo Quarter
Tel: +359 (0)899 803 882
Opening hours: Upon request

The Church of the Three Saints was built in 1857 on the site of an old Christian graveyard, following the sample of a Tzarigrad church. It was renovated in 1984. The old portico with inscriptions, the Holy doors and the old icons are preserved.  

2 Kliment Ohridski Street, Shumen
Tel: +359 (54) 830 570
07:30 – 19:30