Shumen Association of Local And Area Studies

The association was established on Dec 20th, 1991 on the initiative of retired teachers, museum employees, and experts from Shumen State Archives. During its activity the association has been fully supported by Community centre “Dobri Voinikov”. Today it numbers about 30 members who are united under a common goal – to search for, to keep, to preserve and make popular archives, memos, biographies etc. all related to the material and spiritual culture of the Shumen region. Subject areas of research for the Shumen association are historical events such as the Unification of Bulgaria, Serbo-Bulgarian war of 1885, the Second World War, the Liberation of Shumen. The research is focused on citizens of Shumen and their patriotic activities. A large number of facts, names and dates related to important for the city and the region events were detected and clarified. The Association is managed by the Union of local and area studies having its head office in Veliko Tarnovo. As a recognition for their patriotic activity some of the Shumen members were awarded honoured titles. For more information regarding current and future activities:
tel: +359 (54) 877 597