Courage and Glory

In 1444 the Allied European army led by the Polish-Hungarian king Vladislav III Jagelo and the Transylvanian leader Janush Hunjadi, took the field in order to liberate the Balkan Peninsula from Ottoman rule. One of the most severe battles took place near the Shumen fortress, prior to the Christian crusaders near Varna to be defeated. In October 25th,1444 Vladislav III settled a part of his army near the inaccessible Shumen fortress whose small in number army refused to surrender. After three days of siege and attacks the fortification was captured. After the battle was over, Ottoman rulers realized the strategic location of the place, and its war and economic significance increased.

The reenactment of the battle events has been performed three times – in 2004, 2006, 2007 and in September 19th and 20th , 2009 was the fourth performance. It’s organized by Municipality of Shumen in cooperation with the local branch of the National “Tradition” Club, supported by the Hungarian cultural institute, the Polish cultural institute, and the consulate of Ukraine in Sofia.

On the third performance of the reenactment which was held on the 23rd September 2007 took part a group for historical reenactment and stunt performance “Chigot”, stunt group “Baga tur” Stara Zagora, Prague Chivalry club “Rotyca”, Knights of the Black Cross, Debrecen (Hungary), Kazakh Theater  “Otoman” , Odessa (Ukraine).