Shumen Plateau Nature Park

Shumen Plateau Nature Park covers a territory of 3 929ha of the same plateau. In order to preserve plants, animals and places for recreation, the plateau was declared a protected area in 1980. It is characterized by a plateau-like lay, various surface and underground karst forms, and mixed deciduous forests.

Shumen Plateau combines the beauty of nature, history, and culture of the region. The spirit of the past can only be felt in its bosom, near the ancient fortresses, in the tranquility of the rock monasteries, and beneath the granite lion which crowns the plateau today. The Plateau is an attractive place for recreation, sports and tourism in all seasons. The access to the park is provided by a network of well built roads and alleys. Numerous tourist routes lead you to interesting relief forms, forest nooks, historic sites, rock phenomena and chalets.

The park offers every opportunity for hiking, mountain biking, sports orientation, rock climbing, speleology, paragliding and other outdoor activities. There are forest nooks for other open air forms of recreation and a Forest School for the youngest visitors of the park.

2 Stara Planina Street, Shumen
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