Rock Monasteries

13 kilometers from Shumen, comprising of churches, several cells and tombs are located rock monasteries. The biggest monastery of all is called “Kostadinov monastery”.

The Direkliya monastery was carved into a solid inaccessible rock. It is considered to be connected with the name of King Konstantin “king and ruler of all Bulgarians” from the Second Bulgarian kingdom. Southeast of the Direkliya monastery can be seen another formation with a horse-shoe shaped floor.

13 kms from Shumen, Northwest of Troitza village into a rock called Mamil Tash is shaped another monastery. Into the same defile, consisting of two separate galleries, cave grooves are preserved.    

9 kms from Shumen is located a rock monastery known under the name of Khan Krum. Steep stones carved into the rock lead the visitor’s way. A natural cave was worked up by hermit monks in 12th – 14th c.     

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