Momina Skala

In the Troitza gorge, about 2,5 km northwest of Troitza village, a unique rock formation called “Momina skala” towers lonely. Surrounded by verdure, almost inaccessible, it served as a hermit dwelling during the ages. Time veiled in secret the events that occurred between the two big gorges – Osmar and Troitza. Legends and archaeological findings though, prove that in the past there was a bubbling life in the capital city.

The name of the rock has a miraculous legend behind it.
Northwest of Bobata, high above the inaccessible rocks, the white walls and towers of a fortress could be seen. A local feudal lived there. Everyday life went by as usual there when Turkish armies eastbound invaded the city.   

The ruler continuously repulsed the attack of the invaders. It was an inaccessible and well guarded fortress but the Turks succeeded in conquering it. Beautiful Paraskeva – a daughter of the feudal, ran away and climbed up the nearest rock in order to save her life. She looked towards the familiar hills, the silver lining of the Kamtchia river and tears started running down from her eyes. The Turks saw her and ran towards her. In order to save her honour the maid jumped into the abyss.
From then on the rock is called “Momina skala” (Maid’s rock), and along its steepy descending slopes are running the crystal clear “Momini salzi” (Maid’s tears).