Biserna (Zandana) cave is the longest – about 3000 m, 2 200 of which mapped, and most beautiful cave on the Shumen plateau. Its location is within the territory of “Kioshkove”, 1 km west of Shumen, at 404m altitude. It’s a sloped, descending, branched, two-storey cave with water constantly flowing out. The cave entrance is about 50m lower than the average altitude of the plateau, and faces north-east. The ceiling of the cave is covered with numerous lit in different colours stalactites which occasionally intermingle into beautiful draperies. The floor of the cave is covered in stalagmites. Different in shape stalactones are also there to be seen, as well as weird formations such as: “The Castle”, “Cacti”, “The Throne”, “The Ship”, Myotis-myotis is a bat – a most frequent wildlife representative. Near the entrance of the cave there’s been “a fairys’ well” famous for its magic water. It has dried but the rocks beneath keep a historical artifact with an inscription dating back to king Ferdinand.
The site is not open for visitors.

“The secret cavern”
 is an example of abyss cave whose main entrance was found in 1983. It’s located south-east of Shumen fortress, at locality “Long meadows”, near “Detelina” chalet. Excavations reached 101m depth turning the cave into the deepest cave in north-east Bulgaria. It has two water cambers (having constantly flowing springs), East and West connected with another dry camber. Their total length is 1 716m.    

“Youth” cave is located south of the parking lot, near the Old City, in the proximity of “Detelina” chalet. It’s a two-story, branched, and wet cavern. The entrance is at 404m altitude. The total length of the passages is 122m.

Sulumara (Mermaid)
 cave is a small, wet cave situated within the territory of park “Kjoshkove”. It’s 35m long and 26m deep. Poroina river has its beginning from there and its level depends entirely on the rain falls. There’s a fountain with stone beds in front of it.

Nahodka 13 is located about 500m south-west of the Old City within the territory of the Bukaka reserve. It’s long 240m. Here bat species can be seen.

The entrance of the “Endless abyss” is located west of the Lozevska cave. It’s 131m long. It’s also difficult to pass, with slender karst formations and calcium crystals.

Caves of less than 100m in length, all along the plateau territory are: “The Star Cave”“The Labyrinth”“Deliburana”, and “Lozevska cave”