Tourist Association MADARA HORSEMAN

In 1943 a tourist called Lujbomir Targovski donates his house to serve the needs of the tourists. After the establishment of tourist association “Madara Horseman” and the Bulgarian Tourist Association, tourist movement started developing. Citizens of Shumen take part in national touristic events – trips, alpine climbing events and cave descending.
Three times participants from Shumen team took part in the “Kom-Emine” hiking trip. Once the event was organized by the participants themselves. L. Simeonov, D. Angelov, d-r V. Gorchev, S. Ivanov, Vyara Kirilova and Aram Mazuryan. On a trip called “Following the steps of Hristo Botev’s rebellions” participants from Shumen always take the leading positions. “Following the steps of Volov” is also a traditional climbing event. International meets include climbing of the highest Balkan peak Mitikas of Mount Olympus, Greece and Moldoveanu peak in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania. Shumen alpine climbers have been to peaks in the mountains of Noshaq, Pamir mountains, the Tian Shan mountain range and Kavkaz mountains, Russia. It’s a successful period for the tourist association and the mountain huts “Madara horseman” and “Varbishki prohod” were built. Summer trips became quite popular.

Despite difficulties the association’s activity is supported by the following clubs:

 – Mountain hiking club “Shumen Fortress” chaired by Boris Petrunov
 – Mountaineering club “Visoka polyna” chaired by Eleonora Stoyanova
 – Mountaineering club “20 minutes” chaired by Theodora Mihaylova
 – Mountaineering club “Planinarstvo” chaired by Peter Petrov
 – Orienteering club “Madara horseman” chaired by Kiril Zakhariev
 – Mountaineering club “Tourists veterans” chaired by Varban Varbev
 – Tourist choir “Planinsko eho” chaired by Daniela Chelebieva

Contact details:
Angel Philipov – Club President
Touristic Association “Madara Horseman”
15 “Hristo Botev”str,
Shumen 9700
Tel./Fax: +359 (54) 978 448
Mobile: +359 (0) 896 688 543, +359 (0) 896 688 544


 village of Madara, Shumen District
 Accommodation for 70 persons
 mobile: +359 (0)896 688 536 – Mtel group to Bulgarian Tourist Union
 mobile: +359 (0)898 829 596
 mobile: +359 (0)876 631 618 – contact person: Dimo Dimov

 locality Osmarsky koloni, Shumen Plateau Nature Park
 Accommodation for 20 persons
 mobile: +359 (0)894 722 763 – Mtel group to Bulgarian Tourist Union – contact person: Vildan
 mobile: +359 (0)895 483 772 – contact person: Hinko

 city of Varbitza, Shumen district
 Accommodation for 65 persons
 Tel. +359 (0) 5391 2021;
 mobile: +359 (0)878 969 132 contact persons: Nikolay and Zhana

 Near the Ticha dam wall locality, Shumen District
 Accommodation for 30 persons
 mobile: +359 (0)895 467 073 – contact person: Stanislav Kolev



The Shumen Fortress mountaineering club has its club president called Boris Petrunov. The club meets have reached a number of fourteen. The most significant of them is the 7-day long mountain climbing expedition to Central Stara Planina – mountain hut Kashana, mountain hut Paskal, mountain hut Vezhen, mountain hut Echo, mountain hut Kozya stena, mountain hut Haidushka pesen, and mountain hut Koman. A trip leader is the club’s president as well as Dimitar Varbanov. Other expedition trips were organized to Tzareva livada, expedition trip Tzvetnitza to Varbishki Balkan and the Black sea summer holiday at Veteran mountain hut. The most distinguished club members are Sn. Dobranova, Valentina Boncheva, Dimitar Varbanov, Chubra Yankova, Marin Angelov, Galin Velikov. One the club members – Emil Philipov,  took par in this year’s expedition trip “Kom – Emine”. 


Planinarstvo mountaineering club is chaired by  Peter Petrov. The club boasts with its February climbing expeditions to the Skakavitza waterfall, as well as its climbing expeditions in August to one of Austria’s highest peaks – Kleinglockner,and Grossglockner. Other mountain climbing events which took place in August and October of 2010 were to Stara planina and Pirin. Trip leaders were Peter Petrov and Zhivko Topalov. Other distinguished event participants are Elena Staneva, Dencho Denev, Stefan Dimitrov and G. Gantchev. 


The club is chaired by Eleonora Stoyanova and is actively supported by V. Kirilova. As a most significant meet of the club is considered to be the 8-days long August expedition to the Rodopi mountain and a visit to the island of Tasos, Greece. The club also joins in all the activities of the association.
Club members often take part in the female expedition led by the BTS; the latter being 50th in turn in 2010. Distinguished trip leaders are V. Kirilova and E. Stoyanova, and some of the most active participants are Ivanka Stoyanova, Katya Dobreva, Garabed Garabedyan, Tzonka Petrova, Svetoslav Grigorov and Temenuzhka Mineva.


20 minutes Mountaineering Club has Theodora Mihaylova as its president, and Georgy Milanov and Rossen Vladimirov as trip leaders. Main meets are summer vacation trips taking place in Central Stara planina for a seven day period in July. Visits include Chydnite skali near locality Fichoza where mountain hut Veteran is located. The most active participants are Lilyana Velikova, Yordanka Valchanova, Kremena Marinova, Donka Dimitrova, Marian Atanasov, Diana Atanasova and Zhechko Zhekov.   


The club has the most members of any club in the Tourist association, has Varban Varbev as its president and a varied events programme. Main trips away include those to the mountain of Osogovo (peak Ruen), trips to Silistra, Berkovitza, an expedition trip to Strandja mountain (Rezovo). Main trip leaders are Varban Varbev, Nelly Nikolova, Nedeltcho Nedeltchev, Atanaska Kourteva, Dobrinka Georgieva, Vasilena Tetovska, Mara Nikolova and Dentcho Denev.
The club is involved in various trips, touristic events, cultural and environmental activities. 
A special occasion is never missed without being marked regardless of its character – traditional being a part of the folklore calendar, or related to historical events such as official national holidays or anniversary.  


“Mountain echo” choir is chaired by Maria Kadieva and has a new president called Daniela Chelebieva. Mrs Kadieva remained as a president of the association of north Bulgarian tourist choirs called “Northern Echo”. A coral director and conductor is Natasha Hristova. Аccompanists are Vanya Dzhambazova and Dimitar Pamukov. Apart from the leaders of the club, as most distinguished members appear to be Nadezhda Mileva, Veselin Antonov, Virginia Ivanova, Radoslav Radushev and Donka Kovacheva. The choir always accepts invitations to attend various venues of the association.
Established in 2000, the choir marked its 10th anniversary in 2010 with 11 festive concerts both in Shumen and around the country – on the occasion of 3rd March in Varna, the World Forest Day, “The Cannon fired a shot” in Klisura, Songs of Bulgaria – at the Koprinka damp,National enlighteners day – in Varna, two Christmas concerts at Todor Petkov and Dobri Voinikov community centres. The choir attended the municipal and district venues of choral singing for elderly people, held in May and June, where it was awarded a prize.   


Orienteering club Madara Horseman is chaired by Kiril Zakrariev and managed by Yanko Boyarov, Vyarka Kirilova, Tatyana Deleva and Zephir Nikov.
In 2010 the orienteering club was involved in three activities: 
– competitive orienteering
– organizing of competitions
– participation in national championships – cup “Velikden” – Targovishte, “Brown cup” – Veliko Tarnovo, cup “Abritus” – Razgrad, cup “Academic”, cup “Rousse”, DP “Masters”, cup “ 8th of December” – Varna, cup “Veteran” – Targovishte etc., a total number of 10 competitions.
The club was an organizer and host of the following traditionally held in Shumen championships: “Parva prolet” (20-21 March), cup “Shumen Fortress – Siven” (28-29 August). This year winning positions in competitions were taken by Tatjana and Yanko Boyarovs, Georgy Nedev, Jordan Nankov, Zefir Nikov, Elena Stoyanova, Elka Nenova. A part of the association is a marker code cub chaired by Dencho Denev.