Shumen Scout Club

About 150 children are members of the Shumen scout club, and nearly half of them have taken their Scout oath. Taking the scout promise, which turns a child into a scout happens officially at National camps and events aimed at the purpose.

Scouting becomes a part of children’s life during their activities both within and out of the club. Together children go hiking, practice orienteering and survival skills, camp or help their home town by organized cleaning parks events, visiting homes for children etc.

Until now children members of the Scout club “Madara horseman” have taken part in three National scout camps with foreign guest participation and three International scout jamborees in Iceland, Romania and Austria. Scout jamborees in Bulgaria are attended by more than 250 children, while participants in international jamborees reach a number of 4000.

In 2010 in Shumen took place the 4th National camp “Shumen the heart of Bulgaria”. Held at the Shumen plateau territory it gathered together about 300 young people.
The National camp and celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Scout movement in Bulgaria is going to take place in August 2011 in the city of Shumen.