Hang gliding

Valya and Dobrin from the town of Shumen are friends to all fans of air sports. They also organize the autumn Shumen air show with powered hang gliders. 
        In 1993 Dobrin Dobrev bought his first powered hang glider from “Avio Delta”, thus realizing his youth dream. In 1994, after completing lessons in Kazanluk held by the same company, he started flying his hang glider. In 1995 the Dobrevs successfully took part in the Kazanluk air show carried out again by “Avio Delta”. Then they decided to host the same kind of competition in Shumen. In 1997 with the support of local businesses was held the first air show in Shumen. From 1998 till 2001 the competition was held with the support of “PEXIM HOLDING” and its executive director Boris Peev.  From 2002 till 2005 the Shumen air show was sponsored by Zahari Bochev from Sofia, and Diyan Todorov from Gabrovo.
        Ivan Haralanov and Ivan Donev, both from Shumen, for many years have also been taking an interest in hang gliding. In 1997 they bought their hang glider. It was at that time, the idea to establish a local ultralight aviation club arose.
       Since 2006 the newly established non-profit organization “CLUB SHUMEN – AERO”, an inheritor of “AERO CLUB–SHUMEN”, with the cooperation of Shumen Municipality, organize the autumn Shumen hang gliding air show. Our place has traditions and excellent conditions for the development of both powered and unpowered ultralight aviation. In 2010 the air show took place during the Carnival of fertility, between 1st -3rd of October. All citizens and guests of town had a chance to fly and take a bird’s eye view of the town.
        Since 2010 Dobrin Dobrev has a new hang glider with a more powerful engine, more flexible wing,  six-blade propeller,  parachute and a radio station.
        Dobrin Dobrev and Ivan Haralanov are now some of the best competitors and always take winning positions. 
        Often you can see two birds flying above the city – this is what we are. 

For further information:

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