Relief characteristics, equably distributed afforestation and the existence of water are prerequisites for developing mountain bike tourism on the territory of Shumen Plateau Nature park. Several different in length biking race routes can be traced on the map enclosed below. All routes meet the requirements necessary for practicing mountain biking. Mountain routes are demanded not to be rocky, having less steep climbs but at the same time including descends.

Biking Routes in Shumen Plateau

Hiking and biking routes in Shumen Plateau


Cycling club “Ilchov bair” was established in October, 2008. The club aims to unite cyclists from Shumen in organized cycling events, competitions, and meets related to cycling.

Cyclists members of the club practice XC cycling discipline. A favourite place for those involved in Cross Country is the Shumen Plateau Nature Park. Young riders practicing extreme downhill cycling discipline also race on the Shumen Plateau Nature Park territory. They choose races by themselves which quite often include difficult descending along steep technical slopes. A lot of Shumen cyclists also race in urban environment or in the skate park, and they can often be seen rear tire cycling or without using their hands or both. They make performances and show the Street and Trial cycling discipline.

Cycling club “Ilchov bair” is an active events organizer. Every week club members organize cycling events around Shumen and expedition trips to mountains – Rila, Stara planina, Rodopi mountain range. They’re united by their love of nature and fresh air outdoor activities. Often the club organizes their meets along with other country clubs in Targovishte, Varna, Plovdiv, Sofia, Gabrovo.

Cyclists members of the club often test their quickness and competition skills in various cycling disciplines while taking part in a number of races in Bulgaria and abroad.The club hosted a mountain bike competition which took place in 2010 on the Shumen Plateau territory which is expected to become an annual event. 50 adult and young competitors from Shumen, the rest of the country and abroad have taken part. For more details and results of the competition you can go to

The club’s future plans are to continue the traditional cycling events and organized  races which are aimed primarily to familiarize young people with the bike as a mean of transport, a hobby and as a kind of sport.

If you’re interested in taking a part in some of the meets, you can follow us on the club’s forum at

тел. +359 (0)897 224 781 


Difficulty: easy
Distance: 5 km
Terrain: forest trails
Denivelation: 100 m
Starting point: Information Centre of “Shumen plateau Nature park”.

Difficulty: average
Distance: 16 km
Terrain: forest trails
Denivelation: 500 m
Starting point: Information Centre of “Shumen plateau Nature park”

Difficulty: difficult
Distance: 6 km
Terrain: forest trails, dirt roads, asphalt
Denivelation: 600 m
Starting point: locality “Kyoshkove”

A detailed bike route map can be found below:

Mountain Bike Routes