First attempts to create a classical orchestra date back to the middle of the 19th century. In 1848 – 1849 a group of Hungarian immigrants settled in Shumen. In 1850, led by Mihai Shafran they established an orchestra. A year later, supported by a wealthy merchant called Anastas Hadgi Stoyanov, Shafran formed a new orchestra and twelve local youths took a part in it. The orchestra existed until 1860 when Sharfan left Shumen. The first modern symphonic orchestra in Shumen was established in the autumn of 1941, and was conducted by Vladimir Vassilev – a lecturer in music at the Teacher training institute. In 1954 the orchestra was pronounced a state cultural institute. The first concert of Shumen State Philharmonic Orchestra was conducted by Vassil Stefanov, and Pancho Vladigerov was a soloist.

The Shumen state philharmonic orchestra performs a rich repertoire of different genres and styles. The orchestra has toured in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Monaco, Belarus, Greece and the Republic of Korea.

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