The “Sherif Halil Pasha” Mosque, also known under the name of Tombul mosque, was built in 1744. It was located in the central part of Shumen. After the expansion of the town, the mosque remained in its southern part. Surrounded by a complex of buildings, it is the country’s largest in size and most significant mosque, as well as the second largest on the Balkan Peninsular following the Sultan Selim mosque in the town of Odrin, Turkey.  

    The architectural complex consists of a prayer hall, a minaret, a library, a madrasa, primary school, and a court yard with fountain, all covering a total area of 1730 sq m. All buildings are integrated and connected via corridors. The construction works began in 1740 and were completed in 1744. The complex was declared a cultural monument bearing national significance. 
     The mosque is one of the country’s 100 national tourist sites.

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