Shumen fortress historical-archaeological reserve

Shumen Fortress Historical-Archaeological Reserve, also known as the Old City, rises about 3 km west of present day Shumen. After its existence as a Thracian fortified city (5th–2ndc.BC), a dominating fortress which guarded main Roman roads (2nd–4th c.), a Byzantine fort with control of the approach to the Balkan Mountains (5th–6thc.), and a strategic fortification in the early Middle Ages (8th–10thc.), in late Middle Ages (12th–14th c.) Shumen fortress turns into one of the most important cities in the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Although conquered by Ali Pasha in 1388, the fortress remained in use in the early days of the Ottoman rule. In 1444, when the crusaders led by Vladislav III Jagelo fought against Ottoman army, it was demolished and burned by fire. Today it operates as an open-air museum.  

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