MADARA National historical-archaeological reserve

Madara National Historical-Archaeological Reserve encompasses a rich history, a wide range of archaeological artifacts, beautiful nature and the unique rock relief Madara Horseman. Here life began in the rocks, in the proximity of a deep spring, back in the Neolithic Age. A Thracian sanctuary of the three nymphs, pagan temples, ruins of Christian churches dating back to the 9th c., a rock monastery comprising of more than 150 monastic cells and churches from the 14th c., all provide evidence that Madara was a cult center during the whole of its existence.

As the only one of its kind medieval rock relief in Europe dating from the 8th c., the Madara Horseman was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, as a property having an outstanding value. It’s a global symbol of Bulgaria since 2008.

 9750 Madara, Shumen District
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