Horse stud farm KABIYUK

After reopening and resuming its activity, in the autumn of 1894, “Kabiyuk” stud farm consisted of horse studs from English Thoroughbred, Arabian breed, Orlov trotter, Bulgarian heavy draft (Ardennes) and other halfbred crossed horses, imported from Russia, Poland, Austro-Hungary, and Turkey.

During that period were developed breeds which still continue to be bred in Kabiyuk stud farm. These are East Bulgarian and Shagya Arabian breed. Later, in 1954 was developed English Thoroughbred, and in 1977 the Arabian Thoroughbred.

Currently in Kabiyuk horse stud farm are being bred about 300 horses. Every year about 80 horses are born and more than 70 horses with a different level of train are being sold in Bulgaria and abroad, mainly in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Macedonia and many other European counties. All horses that are being bred now belong to the above mentioned breeds. Precisely these are:

  • English Thoroughbred
  • Arabian Thoroughbread
  • Shagya Arabian
  • East Bulgarian

Small studs of Shetland ponies and Haflinger breed horses are currently also being bred. 

For more information go to: +359 (54) 801 050;  801 060