“Founders of the Bulgarian State” Memorial complex, constructed to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of the foundation of the Bulgarian State, was opened in 1981. It is located near the town of Shumen, within the territory of Shumen Plateau Nature Park and its silhouette can be seen within a 30 km radius. Its architecture construction consists of two groups of dynamic concrete structures built at different angles, facing north and south, with fixed sculpture figures of Bulgarian rulers from 7th-10th c. The largest outdoor mosaic-triptych on the Balkan Peninsula, by means of interrelated figures and letters, represents the idea of establishment, development and rise of the Bulgarian State. Medieval crosses along with stone pillar cleverly complete the gallery.

Next to the monument is on display an ancient Bulgarian yurt replica where tourists can experience the everyday life of the early Bulgars, dress up in costumes with armoury, take pictures and shoot a bow. 

In the nearby information center is on display an exposition titled “Monumental art in the last decades of the 20thc.” where historical documentaries are screened. The main hall is a place for wedding ceremonies. In 1997 the complex received the awards of Shumen and “TOUREXPO” for its contribution to the development of tourism in the region.

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9700 Shumen
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